About Us

Hi! I'm Melinda - MellyLinn, if you will. I love all things stationery, arts, and crafts! I am also a mom, wife, and creative. I have always dreamt of opening a shop centered around my favorite things, but I can’t take all the credit for the idea of MellyLinn. MellyLinn was more of a family effort.

Although it was far from intentional, my husband, Daniel, actually came up with the name. I was never one to go by nicknames, but Daniel is the best at coming up with them. Well, MellyLinn is a nickname that not only stuck, but I loved it so much I named the shop after it!

So how was the shop itself born? My dinosaur-loving toddler. Watching my daughter’s eyes light up with excitement as she talked about dinosaurs or read about dinosaurs or did literally any activity that included dinosaurs, inspired me to create a dinosaur that reminded me of her. Thank goodness my daughter loved Lilly because it was the beginning of something amazing. Lilly is very special to me and I hope you all love her just as much as I do!